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I arrived to the office looking for alternatives but without much faith in the Chiropractic profession. Now, after approximately 4 months, my mentality is different. I LOVE IT! The spots where I've noticed most improvement or the disappearance of discomfort are the menstrual pains, they disappeared. Migrane Headaches disappeared. I used to experience swelling in my knees. Now my knees don't get swollen as much. Now I can dance and jump for longer periods of time. I am going to continue with Dr. Acosta, I am sure that many more things will improve. I can't forget that the care towards the patients is excellent!

S.T. (Marketing)


I arrived to the office after years of searching for an alternative to solve a condition and discomfort in my shoulders and hands. I confess that at that time I had no knowledge whatsoever about what Chiropractic was, but with a lot of interest to see if it could help my condition. To my surprise I noticed positive changes in my hands since the beginning, something that never improved for years. The most important thing is that it helped and I have learned a lot about how Chiropractic can benefit us including our immunologic system.

J.H. (Accountant)


I can’t deny that I was a little bit scared at first due to past experiences and also because my condition is very delicate. I’ve been through a lot of pain since 2010 due to previous military injuries. Thank God that one of my doctors recommended the services of the Acosta Pardo Centro de Quiropráctica y Nutrición. Dr. Acosta’s care has been very gentle and professional. I’ve been experiencing relief since the first visit and my musculoskeletal function has improved. In addition to that, I can now walk up and down the office building’s stairs. I continue with my treatments and I recommend it to other people since I’ve also seen pregnant women visiting the office and they seem to be very happy and satisfied.

J.F. (Navy Veteran) 


When I visited Dr. Acosta’s office for the first time, I had severe back pain. Now, almost a year later, I continue visiting him to prevent any discomfort. I can tell you that his technique to alleviate or remove pain has been excellent. I have improved a lot and I can assure you, based on my experience, I will not change of Chiropractor. The trust that this doctor provides you as a patient, helps you to know the treatment will work. It has worked for me greatly. I recommend him to everyone.

L.R. (Pharmaceutical Company Retiree)


Dr. Acosta is very professional. He keeps good communication with me as a patient. He is always available and open to dialogue. He is the fourth Chiropractor I visited in approximately 35 years and he is the one with whom I have felt the best. I am very pleased with the results of my treatments and I am very greatful to him. I will continue with Chiropractic care for an indefinite time.

T.T. (Pharmaceutical Company Retiree) 


My experience at the Acosta Pardo Centro de Quiropráctica y Nutrición has been very good. The attention to me as a patient has been excellent. The environment at the office is one of serenity and peacefulness. Since the first time Dr. Acosta meets you, he explains everything regarding your muscles and nerves in terms that you can understand. After one or two visits, you start feeling relief and improvement. You start recuperating more with every visit. In my case, I felt a heavy weight on my neck area and with just one visit, it improved 90%. Now I am getting other areas treated and my progress has been very good. That’s why I recommend everyone to visit the Acosta Pardo Centro de Quiropráctica y Nutrición office if they want to feel healthier and been able to perform the activities that they always enjoyed but now are not able to. You will not regret it!

R.V. (Medical Assistant)


I'll start by thanking God for allowing me to find Dr. Acosta's office. Since the time my daughter contacted the office, searching help for me, both Dr. Acosta and his kind wife were very attentive and accepted to see me, even without an appointment. The relief to my terrible low back pain was immediate after the first visit. His Chiropractic adjustments have been very favorable to my health. I recommend people to visit Dr. Acosta’s office 100%. Dr. Acosta, God Bless your “Saint Hands”.

S.C. (Hotel and Turism Industry / Housekeeping)


I visited the Acosta Pardo Centro de Quiropráctica y Nutrición because of a fall I had 3 years ago. Since I fell, I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back and neck and they were very frequent. Since I started the treatment and therapies, I have noticed a great difference. Today I feel a lot more flexible and comfortable. Without a doubt, the treatments and home exercises from Dr. Acosta have been a success in how I feel on a day to day basis.

K.V. (College Student)


Since I started my Chiropractic treatment; my walk, my breathing, and my posture has improved...also my condition improved by following the Doctor's recommendations...because the improvement not only depends on the professional but also in oneself. Follow the Chiropractor's recommendations. I support and promote Chiropractic visits 100%.

J.C. (Radio Celebrity / Artist)


On July 2011, I suffered a severe case of gastritis and a series of muscle spasms on my back. I visited a rehab medicine specialist for my muscle spasms, but I did not experience any relief. One day, while talking to a friend of mine, I learned about Dr. Rafael Acosta and his arrival to Puerto Rico. In a few words, his knowledge is a blessing. I am healed thanks to God and Dr. Acosta.

P.F. (Music and Artist Producer / Promoter) 


Experimenting relief after a fall in which my knee got bruised and damaged, represents a sensation of tranquility and satisfaction, knowing that a surgery was not going to be necessary.

N.G. (Retiree)


The experience of receiving chiropractic care and treatments from Dr. Acosta has been excelent and of great help to me. It has been years of pain and constant discomfort, non-stop visits to other doctors, that never provided me with a satisfactory solution to my constant pain, specially on my back and neck. It is also very important to mention the personalized and genuine attention from the staff.

I am very grateful and I feel great.

E.E. (Biology Teacher)


After several months with constant low back pain and muscle spasms on my neck, I decided to visit Dr. Acosta, looking for a solution to my situation. In a couple of visits he managed to control my suffering.

R.A. (Industrial Manufacturing Specialist)


On December 23, 2011, I started to experience pain on my right hip that will travel down through my leg and down to my ankle. I visited several doctors. They did several studies and gave me medications, but the pain will persist. I had so much pain that I was not able to walk or rest. My wife got me an appointment with Dr. Acosta at the Acosta Pardo Centro de Quiropractica y Nutricion. I thought he was just another doctor and honestly I thought he was not going to be able to take the unbearable pain away. After several visits the pain started to diminish and I was able to walk, until one day the pain disappeared. Today I want to share my happiness and satisfaction with the service at the Acosta Pardo Centro de Quiropractica y Nutricion. I request that my words are published so everyone can see that it works.

God bless you always.

J.B. (Food Service Director)